King Raj (Raj Vats)

CO-STAR HBO, Netflix, FOX series --- ACADEMY AWARD short!
Asian Indian Actor/Spokesperson
Local & National Representation

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Very fluent in English and several Asian Indian Languages: Hindi, Urdu, Bihari, Punjabi

DEMO REEL: 1.5 minutes.
Speed Reel: 1 minute.
Commercial Reel: 1 minute.


Voiceover ENGLISH: Click ANY: Generic, E-Learning, Enthusiastic, Professional 1, Professional 2, Sales 1, Sales 2
Voiceover SHINE: Click here.
Voiceover HINDI: Click here.
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      Vats - 1 of 6
Raj Vats (Click picture to enlarge)

Raj Vats - Business - 2 of 6 Raj Vats - Reflective - 3 of 6 Raj Vats - Greeting - 4 of 6 Raj Vats - Casual - 5 of 6 Raj Vats - Sporty - 6 of 6

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Brief Profile:
Graduated American Academy of Dramatic Arts
BOARD of DIRECTOR - Films For Charities, Mercury Studio (former)
PROFESSIONALISM & DEDICATION to do whatever it takes to make the project successful.

VERY fluent in ENGLISH and several Asian languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bihari, Punjabi.
Film/TV Fantasy Island CO-STAR TV Series FOX
Mind Kaling Show CO-STAR Netflix
American Crime Manager-speaking role ABC TV
Eastbound & Down CO-STAR Sitcom Series HBO - Enemy MIGS Production
FATAKRA Manager Soham Mehta
Bank of America Principal Epoch Films
HEB (2 TV commercials) Principal Chris smith/Sugar TV Productions
Moneygram Principal Kevin Althans/Reel FX Productions
Allied Electronics (2 cable TV commercials) Principal Red Productions
King of the World Fight Enhancer ABC TV/Films
MK Ultra Club Member Charter Films
Total Control Doctor Dominion Films
Taking the Turf Teacher Ismael Valentin
Aging with Grace Salesman Abiiba Howell
Babel Cafe Restaurant Manager Liza Ford
Tomorrow Presenter Channel 54
Music Video, Big Mike Tournament Attendee New Spirit Films
Industrial MD Anderson Principal-Doctor Oncologist UT TV
IBM Executive Ogilvy & Mather
HP/Compaq Stock Broker Foot, Cone & Belding
BMC Software Vice President Nancy Glenn
Time Warner Principal Roadrunner
Continental Airlines President's Club Member Steve Heldman
FMC Energy Executive Multimedia Productions
Schlumberger Drill Engineer Sun Group Films
Randalls Shopper Bill Young Productions
Haliburton Spokesperson South Coast Film & Video
Commute Solutions Spokesperson Kevin Burns
InterCom Executive Karen McGuire
Voiceover Cisco Announcer Rick Zanotti
Soundworks Narrator Gretchen Dellett
Stage Indian Ink King/Grandson Main Street Theater
Godlove Father Garcia Steph Carlson
Atanasia Juan Alicia Wallach
My Kind of Funny Gavin Renee Edd
Merchant of Venice Bassannio Little Flower
Man Through the Ages Sun Springdales
Bishop's Candlesticks Thief Little Flower
Training American Academy Of Dramatic Arts - LA
Major League Film Techniques Eleese Lester
Meisner Acting Class Stefana Oetinger
Mastering Film Steve McCurdy
Commercial Acting Rona Lamont
Industrial Spokesperson Laura Branch
Audio Prompter Skills Eleese Lester
Monologue Training Suzanne Savoy
Improvisation - Advanced David Hickox
Acting For The Real World Gary Chason
On-Camera acting Eleese Lester
Dialect Training Jennifer Doctorovich
The Perfect Audition Eleese Lester
Computer Science Graduate School
Dartmouth College Executive Certification
Skills Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Ace Marksman in rifle shooting, Tennis, Soccer, Aerobics, Kick Boxing, cricket, computers, internet expert, business executive, managed companies.
BOARD OF DIRECTOR - Films For Charities, Mercury Studio (former)
Election Judge, Precinct Chairman
Height: 5�10"    Weight: 185 lbs    Hair: Black    Eyes: Brown

I am constantly looking for ways to improve. Please take a moment to Email me your feedback. THANKS for your time!
Call 281-856-6450

********** DIFFERENT Salt/Pepper hair look **********


      Vats - 1 of 6
Raj Vats (Click picture to enlarge)

********** DIFFERENT trimmed hair look **********

Raj Vats
Raj Vats (Click picture to enlarge)


Click: HEB Ad 1 HEB Ad 2.
National Commercial - 2nd Allied Electronics : 30 second - Click here.
National Commercial - Bank Of America: 40 second - Click here.
National Commercial - 1st Allied Electronics: 30 second - Click here.
Time-Warner commercial: 30 second - Click here.
Several Ads in 1 reel: Click here.

Voiceover 1: Click here.
Voiceover 2: Click here.
SLATE: 52 second - Click here.


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